Khalifeh & Partners is a continually evolving firm. As we act for clients in an emerging market, we are at the forefront of new developments in law and business. Consistent with this ongoing growth, we seek to strategically recruit experienced lawyers into each of our practice groups.

Qualities we prioritize in our recruitment processes include professionalism, academic achievement, technical excellence, commerciality and strong communication skills.


As an undergraduate or recent graduate, or as an experienced professional, the decisions you make in relation to your career will likely have a significant impact on your work and personal life. As such, we have created a work environment underpinned by the following principles:

As a highly competent and creative person, chances are you strive to be an expert in your field while enjoying the work that you do and the environment you work in.  At Khalifeh & Partners, you’re not alone.

To continue providing our clients with first class service and products that are unique and state of the art, we encourage a culture that supports the ongoing training and development of our people. At Khalifeh & Partners, we want you to continue to grow and reach your potential. We are committed to providing opportunities that help build your CV. We understand that your growth depends not only on the options we provide you with but also on how we support you in finding and fulfilling them. We have a strong commitment to the continuous development of our staff and offer comprehensive training and education programs tailored to specific levels of experience.

One of our critical goals is to empower our employees by creating opportunity and helping them seize it. Career progression takes many forms at Khalifeh & Partners. It is about you making the most of your time with us by acquiring a range of skills to enrich your experience; and developing relationships with clients and colleagues, building valuable networks, engaging in mentor relationships and continuously learning.

We work very hard at Khalifeh & Partners to meet our clients’ needs and business requirements. Every deal we are involved in brings with it challenges and requires innovative solutions. As such our promise to you is to provide you with an opportunity work on the most high profile deals which in turn will enhance your skills and experience and most importantly your career. We will make sure that you have development opportunities that meet your personal development needs. Our structured appraisal system will ensure that you will always receive constructive and regular feedback about your performance and career path to assist you with achieving your ambitions.


We offer internships for students who are in their penultimate year of university. It is a great opportunity to experience what it is like to be a lawyer with Khalifeh & Partners.

We’ve designed a program to help you make the most of your time with us. During your internship, you’ll learn:

  • The day to day skills to get you started – taking instructions, meeting with clients, drafting basic memos and documents and working in teams.
  • The core practice teams at Khalifeh & partners – who they are, what they do, how they’re structured, the clients they work for, and of course, your role within them.
  • Our culture – working within your team, you’ll be exposed to (and encouraged) to get actively involved in the many activities and events that help create the unique culture of Khalifeh & Partners.
  • Our people – you’ll find that people from every part of the business will help  you along, sharing their knowledge, and ensuring you have everything you need to fit  in, and do well.
  • The nuts and bolts – our technology, financial systems, research resources, firm policies, procedures and the structure & approach of the firm itself.

Interns usually work in one or two different practice groups, depending on the length of the internship. You’ll be allocated a supervisor in each of your practice groups, and you’ll work closely with the partners, managing associates and associates in that team. It’s a hands-on role, so you’ll not just be watching from the sidelines. You’ll be actively involved in conference calls, meetings, client visits and the deals or matters the team is working on.

Every intern at Khalifeh & Partners receives feedback. Informal feedback is also provided on the spot from partners, managing associates or associates talking you through the work you do. You’ll also have the opportunity to get involved in the social activities that go on in the firm – so it’s not all hard work.