Corporate & MA

We have advised on a number of headline acquisition and privatization transactions in Jordan. Our firm advised sellers and buyers both in Jordan and outside Jordan. On the sellers’ side; we carryout sellers’ due diligence in order to prepare for disclosure and to identify key areas and risks that need to be managed prior to proceeding with the sale. In addition we draft disclosure letters against representations and warranties. On the buyers’ side, we advised buyers on target’s due diligence identifying risks, conditions precedent, conditions subsequent, representations and warranties.

We have particular experience dealing with Share Purchase Agreements, Shareholders Agreements, and Escrow Arrangements particular to such deals and we have the ability and track record in managing the complete process until completion. In the area of private equity, we have advised the top private equity firms with interest in Jordan such as Gulf Capital, Abraaj Capital and a number of SME funds such as Grofin and Sanad Fund.